Repair, Troubleshoot, Diagnose ALL MAKES and MODELS

Timmins Mechanical Solutions knows you don’t only have one make or model of heavy equipment working for you. Whether our highly-trained and skilled technicians are in the shop, on surface, or underground, there is no job they won’t tackle and no machine they can’t fix.

The cause of your equipment’s malfunction may not be readily clear, but don’t worry – we have troubleshooting specialists from the top down. TMSI President Chad Tolonen is a hands-on boss who isn’t shy to take his own experience and skills out into the field to troubleshoot an issue. 

From the Latest to the Greatest

The equipment used in modern mining operations has become more and more sophisticated. TMSI’s advanced technicians are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge, so they understand the technological and software developments that come with the latest in mining equipment. Whether your heavy equipment is cutting edge or tested and true, we can diagnose the problem and get you back up and running fast. 

Better Bang for your Buck WHEN you need it!

Unlike OEM technicians who specialize in their own products, TMSI can come in and provide a solution any and all machines you may have down in ONE TRIP, meaning better bang for your buck!

Manufacturer warranty service may be great, but it doesn’t help you if you can’t get the service you need when something goes down. We will put boots on the ground and respond when you need us most – right away.

Our name says it all! When faced with adversity, we will go the extra mile to address the problem that seemed impossible to solve. 

Building Customer Confidence… and Components

TMSI performs expert level repairs, refurbishments and maintenance to all types of heavy equipment and any related components.

Sometimes being able to deconstruct the issue helps lead to a less expensive solution. For example, one customer was having a problem with the transmission casings failing on their LHD scoops. Rather than having the manufacturer provide a whole new, costly transmission, our technicians sourced out a supplier to provide new transmission housings, and were able to rebuild the entire units, leading to savings of more than 60%! That’s tens of thousands of dollars that stayed in the customer’s pocket. That’s how TMSI rolls.

Our technicians can rebuild cone crushers and any mechanical system, and with the increased sophistication of new heavy-duty mining equipment, we have specialized staff and technology to service all computer systems.

TMSI will also help you with custom installations such as software and hydraulic attachments, so your equipment is doing exactly the job you need it to do.

We also have a wide range of:

  • Engine and cores
  • Fuel pumps/injectors
  • ECM new or rebuilt/tested
  • Grammer seats
  • Turbos
  • Engine parts
  • Other major components


Don’t forget, we do specialize in CAT Diagnostics.

Services bilingue.