Built on Respect


Timmins Mechanical Solutions owner Chad Tolonen built his business on respect.

TMSI’s management team respects their reliable, skilled, dedicated, high-quality technicians. (Chad’s dad, Garry, is even part of the service team!) Our 20+ technicians return that respect because they know their managers are licensed, mobile mechanics who have walked a mile in their boots and won’t ask them to do any job they wouldn’t do.

And that, they are proud to say, translates to respect for you, the customer. The best service and customer support from skilled, hard-working people that will go the extra mile to solve the impossible – that’s the kind of team you want working for you when there is no time for down time! 

Growing to serve you

Taking his 10-years as a highly-trained Red Seal heavy-duty equipment mechanic and forming Timmins Mechanical Solutions in 2013, Chad has built a company with a reputation for customer service and excellence, taking TMSI from a small shop with one mine maintenance contract, to a total 16,000 square foot service juggernaut with two 10-tonne cranes and room to repair 13 pieces of equipment between both shops.

And that’s not all. Timmins Mechanical Solutions mobile service fleet of seven service/lube trucks and are available to travel anywhere in Ontario. Whether you need service or diagnostic work done on surface or underground, TMSI technicians work safely and efficiently, with a focus on providing the exact solution you need.

Proud to call the North home

TMSI has customers all over Ontario and Northern Quebec, working with almost every major mining company in Timmins, capitalizing on the demand for high-level technicians who can work on all makes and models of heavy-duty equipment, including the new high-tech heavy equipment that is part of modern mining operations. When TMSI technicians are in the shop, on surface, or underground, there is no machine they can’t fix.

Timmins Mechanical Solutions is proud to be part of the community. Whether through training opportunities for area First Nations individuals, to the creation of apprenticeship positions to ensure a healthy pool of highly-skilled professional technicians that will help drive the economy in Timmins and Northern Ontario, Timmins Mechanical Solutions is here to stay, and determined to continue to grow to provide solutions for your service needs!

  • TMS! has performed many jobs for us, such as electrical trouble shooting, on the road and in the shop major repairs like transmissions, torques, wheel ends, and more. Their services have been excellent on ALL my equipment and have gone beyond what was asked of them at all times, 24/7. They understand down time and aver very strong on customer relations, especially doing follow up to make sure that my fleet is running. We’re looking forward to working with them in their state-of-the-art shop where they can accept my larger pieces of equipment. Timmins Mechanical Solutions is a company I would recommend for their exceptional services and customer relations.
    Rene Blanchette
    Pineland Contracting and Northwind
  • In my 40 years with Goldcorp in many areas and finally the Dome Mine Pit on the large equipment, I have yet to meet such a dedicated company and individuals. Their services have been exceptional for the technical skill, safety, and performance. They know, understand, and follow the Golden Rules; their safety is beyond recognition.
    Randy O’Connor
    General Foreman (Ret.) – Goldcorp